Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I'm back... with apologises!

Firstly, I must apologise for the long hiatus. It seems that I was not handling things as well I was pretending - to myself and others! A bleak month ends with a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Today: Just limped (appalling sciatica - x-ray Fri) out of bed a after a full hospital(s) day.

Yesterday. 50:50 news…definitely an incurable sub-set of non-hodgkins lymphoma and as yet not treatable without a far greater risk of secondary tumours post chemo/radio. I can expect anything between 2-20 years with 10 being the median (to be taken with a pinch of salt) The Prof want’s a year to eighteen months of data so it’s all hands to the fatigue management pump. I also spent a few hours daunting but in the end incredibly hours with a Psycho-Oncology counsellor (CBT) who is going to help with the readjustment - long bike rides are, it is heartbreaking to type, a thing of the past now - it just takes far too long to recover (we are talking weeks as opposed to days). I can however go for the more high intensity 45-90 min blasts that I rather like so all is not as bleak as it sounds (and The Sufferfest is still ‘my friend’.) To give you an idea - I did a moderately heavy leg day in the gym last Thursday and I am still experiencing dreadful DOMS now - it is he lymphoma and not just chronic unfitness/laziness :-D

A big change is needed! Better news is that I can - and should/must - carry on with life as if the Lymphoma will go into voluntary remission (which it may well do) Although this will be a very different life to the one I had lived before. 

Teaching is what I know and can do well so I’ll be applying for A-level posts only and even those will have to be part time. So, it’s resumé and cover letter time… oh what fun! As any post I obtain will start in January at the earliest I am now a PT education and recruitment volunteer with the Anthony Nolan Trust (stem cell/bone marrow donation) & conference (education and copy) volunteer for the Lymphoma Association UK. We also have my first big charity day approaching - a yogathon of all things :-D Fingers crossed it goes well - I need to raise £3001!!!

Stay well… Winter is coming!!!

Regular updates from now... you have my word.


PS... Hope to see lots of you at the Yogathon - if it's a success then we could be at the genesis of an annual event.

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