Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Cost... Ohne JuniorAkademien!

No Deutsche Junior Science Academy for me this July. Absolutely heartbroken. No travel once the chemotherapy begins and still - I keep asking - no teaching until the end of the treatment.

Bloody Lymphoma indeed!

This is what I will be missing:

Thoughtful scenes from the 2012 Academy - Ostbevern, Muensterland.

This image alone I feel captures the true magical essence of the Junior Academy.
Photo by Peter Henley-Smith (who else!)
However Mel will bring her organised and magic touch - her project management will certainly be less 'creative' than mine!
In my defence - it got a lot better in 2014 :-D
Fame in 2014 :-D

Still, I really do hope to help from afar by setting up a far more in depth course blog - run by the students of course.

I'd love to hear from any of my former students - minions: you know who you are :-) - and colleagues. Please, if you can find the time, comment below.

A huge thanks to all who have made contact via Facebook - it really helped to brighten my day.

Good luck to Nadja, David, Mel, Tim, Peter, Nadine, and my replacement - whoever you are. I am truly sorry to have had to let you all down.


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